Heroine Cosmetics: Geek Make Up for the Masses!

Geek themed make up is still a pretty niche market, but the companies that do venture into it are some of the best we’ve come across. Heroine Cosmetics is the newest kid on the block and they need you to help with their kickstarter campaign! GS have taken a look at what Heroine Cosmetics has to offer…

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Sugarpill, Shiro Cosmetics, Espionage Cosmetics and now Heroine Cosmetics. The geeky make up industry is really starting to take off, with Heroine Cosmetics by Sarah Cliff being the latest company to do so. With palettes such as The Vintage Comic Book Collection, Mermaid Collection and Totally 90s, there’s something for everyone. All colours are bright and beautiful.

The funding will also help them to secure licenced artwork for all the product packaging. Heroine Cosmetics is hoping to eventually expand their range, with eyeliners, mascaras and even cosplay collections with specially designed palettes for specific characters. How awesome is that?! No more hunting around trying to find the perfect shades of green and purple for my Maleficent, they’ll just come ready made in a complete palette!

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Heroine Cosmetics stands for female empowerment. Tackling the lack of female representation in certain fandoms. Being your own woman and kicking butt in the process.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in geek culture, it’s that females are severely underrepresented. From video games with little to no female playable characters to comic books, cartoons, TV shows, movies and more where girls are given only one or two characters to look up to, and that’s not even including where the characters we DO get only serve as love interests or a walking pair of boobs. So what are you gonna do with a world that doesn’t give you heroes to look up to?




So go on, do it. Wear that eyeliner that makes you feel like a superhero. Go out in that outfit that makes you feel like Black Widow. Put on mascara that makes you feel like you fight crime under the cover of darkness. Be your own hero, and look great doing it.

 With a manifesto like that, why wouldn’t you back their kickstarter? They’ve got loads of great perks as well, from stickers and tote bags, to full colour collections, swag bags and designing an entire collection. Yep, you could design a thing. A WHOLE MAKE UP THING. What more could you want?


What do you think of Heroine Cosmetics? Like the look of their merch? Then donate to their kickstarter here and discuss the many many different eyeshadows in the comments below!


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

Source: Heroine Cosmetics kickstarter

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