Heroine Cosmetics Relaunch Their Kickstarter

Heroine Cosmetics was quickly becoming my new favourite thing. But it was back to the drawing board for them after their Kickstarter didn’t meet the target. But now they’re back and looking for backers to help!

GS Heroine3

I have to admit, when Heroine Cosmetics released their first Kickstarter campaign with a target of $27,500 I did think it was going to be a bit of a stretch. A geek themed make up brand with great collections and the best message EVER of female empowerment, they ticked all the right boxes, except the target. I was so excited to see where this campaign was going to go, followed their progress over the weeks and was really sad to see it not being backed.


I got a tweet from them saying that they were relaunching the campaign! After revising costs and other things, they’ve reduced the target to $2,500 (waaaaay more manageable), while keeping all the great rewards and planned products for the future.

The way the geek cosmetic/fashion industry is going, I suggest you back these guys. It’ll be worth it!



GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

Source: Twitter

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