Hertfordshire village in Game of Thrones marketing stunt

The village of King Langley will change its name to Kings Landing for the week leading up to the DVD release of Game of Thrones Season Three.

The city of Kings Landing is a key location in the popular George R.R. Martin novels and HBO series.

While the Hertfordshire village lacks the towering castles and citadels of the fictional capital,the obvious similarity in name has clearly caught the eye of the show for its marketing potential.

If fans of the series wish to visit the village, the name change will occur between the 17th February and the 24th February – the DVD release date.

Whilst the siege of Kings Landing made for an action packed finale of Season Two, many of the more dramatic and memorable moments of the Season Three follow events in the North, beyond The Wall, and at The Twins, the house of the Freys.

Season Three covers events of  A Storm of Swords, the third installment in Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire.

Sources: Watford Observer

GS Reporter: Dan Tovey

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