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Browsing my Twitter feed, I came across a tweet showing some of the artwork from some comics looking to get kickstarted. Hexes Comics 1 & 2 are described as one-shot supernatural/horror comics. They are written by Simon Birks and illustrated by artists Ege Avci and Lyndon White. But what are they about? This is the description from the Kickstarter page:

hex: a magic spell; a curse

Sometimes, things don’t work out. Sometimes, you wonder what exactly it is you’ve done to wind up in the trouble you’re in. Sometimes, it feels like you’re cursed.

Taking place in the same universe (hexiverse) these diverse stories will unnerve and disorientate you. They are tales that happen to the everyday people, your neighbours or your family, perhaps even your best friend, and you’d never know it was happening.

Come and be haunted, come and be scared, come and be hexed.

The actual comics are complete, the Kickstarter is more to help publishing costs, so it’s more a pre-order type thing rather than something that will disappear if the target isn’t reached. It looks set to reach its goal of £2,000 however, sitting about sixty quid short at the time of writing, with 7 days to go. As is the way with many a Kickstarter, there are various rewards on offer for donating certain amounts, such as signed editions, prints and t-shirts.

I wanted to write this piece because I was taken with the art style on display. I find it quite a rare occurrence to see the artwork of a comic/graphic novel and be impressed by the creepy or sinister feelings it evokes. Browsing the Kickstarter page for Hexes, almost every sample and cover made me mentally go “Wow!”. I’ve posted a couple of preview pages from each book below so that you can get an idea of what the books will look like. If you like how they look, click the Kickstarter link at the bottom of the page to find out more information.


Above is a sample from Book One – The Boy Who Came Closer


Above is a sample from Book Two – Waking Nightmare

Hexes Comic Images © Copyright Blue Fox Comics

Source: Hexes Kickstarter
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