Historically Accurate Disney Princesses

disney_princess_1Here’s an alternative view of Disney Princesses: well-known heroines wearing historically accurate clothing. Thought up by artist Claire Hummel, it’s cool to see a redesign like this that aims to educates as well as be a bit different.


It’s hard to modify a well-known franchise and have it get a good response from others. But when it’s done well, it rocks. Hummel’s version is amazing and has been done really well, but I think it’ll take a bit of getting used to, as it’s not a generic modification we normally see. The fact that this one relates to history, is very real and factual is unusual with artwork like this. I look forward to artists taking inspiration from this and exploring this area of work more!

This isn’t the first time that the Princess gang have be modified. We’ve seen them in the style of Art Nouveau, zombie and steampunk. (Although Alice isn’t a princess, she’s still Disney).


Alice goes steampunk

My favourite? Meg. Maybe because I’ve grown up around books about Greek mythology, but I love the style of dress and how she still has the same bad-ass attitude as the film with the way she’s holding the helmet under her arm.


Click here to visit Hummel’s deviantART page, where she’s written a mini thing for each piece explaining the research process for each princess. Well worth a read!

Maybe up next in the Disney Princess series could be ‘Historically Accurate Teeth of Disney Princesses’?

That’d be a shocker.

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Reporter: Jess Hawke

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  1. I like the Alice shirt, makes me want to see Square-Enix put out a steam punk Wonderland. If I knew a team that can make video games I would just Kick Start that awesomeness.

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