Hollywood Remaking “Death Note”

Is nothing sacred anymore? There’s rarely anything out nowadays in the sci-fi or fantasy genre that isn’t a remake of a superhero story (Superman Returns, Batman, Green Lantern…etc.), a remake of a remake (Spider-Man) or sequel to an old movie (TRON: Legacy).

It’s no surprise that Hollywood has once again found it’s way to anime – specifically, appointing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black to remake the morally dubious but oh so good Death Note series. Originally a manga series, it was adapted to a gorgeously illustrated and incredibly popular anime which lead to the creation of the Japanese live-action films.

Granted, the live-action films were cheesy but usually American remakes are even cheesier. I wonder who they’ll cast as Light and L – as those two characters have to have some amazing chemistry as I think it’d fall apart otherwise. Thoughts?

Source: Deadline
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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  1. Aerliss /


    Shane Black wrote three of my all time favourite movies; Lethal Weapon 2, Last Action Hero and The Long Kiss Goodnight. However, these aren’t really like Death Note. If it actually goes ahead (and why wouldn’t it; Death Note was and really still is a license to print money) I doubt it will be utterly awful… not really holding my breath though.

    Bets on how long the internet will wait before circulating rumours about Johnny Depp playing one part or another?

    • Sharlene M /

      Oh dear Lord, Johnny Depp? Who’s he gonna play – Ryuk? I agree – anything Death Note will rack up the cash like crazy, even if it’s an awful interpretation of it. I think Kenichi Matsuyama is so perfect as L that I have no idea who they could even begin to cast in this version. We’ll see I guess!

      • Aerliss /

        But it’s Johnny Depp… he HAS to be in everything, ever. *sigh*

        No, no, no, no! Not Ryuk! Depp can only voice completely new animated characters like Victor in Corpse Bride. His godawful attempts at playing his own damn character in the Pirates of the Caribbean games are harrowing.

        The only actor I can think of that could get anywhere near playing L is Jake Gyllenhaal, looking back at his performance in Donnie Darko. I think they’ll have to come up with some relatively new names though.

      • Sharlene M /

        Hmm, maybe? But he’d have to “de-bulk” – L is so…noodle-y to me that he can’t have any definition whatsoever! LOL

      • Aerliss /

        Ah, yes… Prince of Persia came along and made him all butch. Well that’s me out of ideas. I can’t even think who I’d WANT to play L and Light (and everyone else).

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