Homemade Laser Tag!

I  saw this story about making your own laser tag over at DVICE and it disturbed me. Now I think it’s cool as hell to make your own laser tag. How long before you knock up two laser tag guns each for some John Woo style, bloodless, shoot outs (white doves optional). My problem with this is if I’m going to make my laser tag dream a reality I’m not going to use a gun like the one in this picture. 


Seriously…you’re telling me you can make your own laser tag and that’s your weapon of choice? How about a replica Han Solo blaster or an Aliens pulse rifle or even those guns from space 1999 that look like giant staplers?

No? instead you choose something that looks like it’s been picked up out of the bargain bin of your local sweet shop.

Hopefully the bloke in the picture (I’m assuming he made it) will read this and make the appropriate changes. Either he’ll make a new one (maybe this will help) or he’ll come round to my house and pistol whip with his old sidearm.

GS Reporter: The Nuge

Source: DVICE

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One comment

  1. That’s one shitty gun. My Super Soaker CPS-2000 would rip seven shades outta that dude, laser or no!

    To be fair though – maybe he’d run out of cash after making the laser receptor doofer and had to spend his last £1.00 in a plastic toy from the pound shop!

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