The Hong Kong Massacre – Prototype Trailer

Early footage from the upcoming Hotline Miami style game The Hong Kong Massacre have been released in a new official trailer video. Indie developer Vreski’s  homage Asian action movies is a violent action filled top-down shooter set in Hong Kong and filled with dual pistols, gun smoke and bloodshed.

About the Game

The idea of the games is that the player is set out to hunt down a triad leader(or similar) in Hong Kong, his whereabouts is unknown so your job is to track him down. You do this by finding people in his organisation for more clues. When you start the game you have a map with different locations available. These acts as levels and you can choose any order you want to visit them. As you get new clues new locations will be unlocked on the map for you to visit, and so on. I also want to include levels that are more stealth based (haven’t tested this yet so it might not work at all), and some where you only take out one target.

The main game mechanic is the ability to slow down time whenever you want. This is crucial to be able to clear a harder level. When you slow down time you can dodge bullet by rotate your character and also rack up shoots when killing enemies. In the future I want to extend this ability with some more stuff.

Having recently played Hotline Miami which is both an addictive and frustrating game, I’m looking forward to checking out The Hong Kong Massacre when it is eventually released.


Source: Eurogamer

Reporter: Soulfinger


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