Our favourite pest controller (since John Goodman in Arachnophobia anyway) is back, in this sequel that promises a real battle for survival, and a bit more insight into the man in the mask.

I enjoyed “The Collector” a lot – it was a simple Saw-like film, that brought the danger right to your front door in a ‘Red Dragon’ way… “beware who you let have access to your house – you might not know their intentions”. And, it had that added element that rather than simply being carved up, you might just be the one that he decided to keep in his collection – in a very crowded genre, this film was by all accounts quite original and very enjoyable.

With a budget of $6M, it returned about $8 at the box office, and probably a few more in rentals, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this sequel signed off.

Anaemic looking Josh Stewart, last seen as Bane’s right hand man in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, returns as Arkin, the only person ever to escape the Collector. Only rather than living in fear below the radar, he is suddenly abducted the wealthy father of the Collector’s latest victim. Believing his daughter to still be alive, Arkin is coerced into leading a team of crack mercenaries into the Collector’s booby-trapped abandoned hotel refuge and extracting her alive.

If you’ve seen the trailer, then know I’m loving this story development – if you haven’t check it out on YouTube, complete with intro by director Marcus Dunstan. The film will be claustrophobic, and will have to push the Collector to be a little bit more imaginative as he’s up against trained killers, but he’s also on his turf, and clearly upset that his home has been invaded.

The opening scene in the trailer where he converts a rave venue midway into a slaughter-house looks horrific, and I’m hoping we get to find out a little bit more about his origins, as there’s a lot of buzz on the internet around the imaginary used in the film poster, which eludes to him having spider-like proclivities, in creating webs to trap his prey. I think there’s a genuine chance that the sequel could out-do the original. Can’t wait for the 30th November!

Reporter: SilverFox

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