House Party Kickstarter

We’re really pleased to tell you guys about this Kickstarter campaign from Rachel Smith and Great Beast! House Party is a new graphic novel centering around three University friends who throw the mother of all parties after feeling disillusioned with the real world after graduating…it doesn’t go quite as well as they’d hoped.

Rachel Smith is the creator/artist/colourist/everythingist behind House Party, a gorgeous 92 page colour comic. We’re already huge fans of hers. Her comic about a sullen teenager and a young arsonist, I Am Fire, was one of our favourite reads last year and her Flimsy the Kitten sketches have us in hysterics! You can still get copies of these from her Etsy shop here.

The Kickstarter is raising funds for printing costs – they want to print 1,500 copies to start with. Packages start from as little as £3 for a PDF of the comic. Other goodies higher up the scale include hard copies of House Party, exclusive prints, signed sketches, and a thank you in the comic.

Click here for a video of the lovely Rachael telling you all about the comic (bonus points for getting her cat into the video!) They’ve already hit their target of £1,650 and are sill going strong with 21 days to go! Here’s a link for some pretty pictures and more detail on the packages available.

It’s being published by Great Beast, the brainchild of Marc Ellerby and Adam Cadwell, both big names in the UK comics scene in their own right.

We’ve just signed up for a sketched-in copy. We can’t wait to get our grubby little hands on it! We’ll make sure we do a review for you all.


Source: Great Beast Publishing
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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