How To Survive a Convention

Con season is under way, but how do you cope with the hot halls and crazy queues, while enjoying the convention? Don’t worry, we’ve got a list of tips to help you out.





Have at least 12% of a plan

Conventions are always going to be busy. You’ll be so swept off your feet with all the stalls that you might miss that panel with Moffat or that signing with Michael J. Fox. To avoid missing out on these once-in-a-lifetime things, plan ahead. Make sure you know who you’re meeting at what time and where. Take queuing into account and make sure you leave enough time to get to where you’re going. Convention halls are huge- there will be lots of walking involved.



Be smart with your £££

Get cash out BEFORE you get to the venue. Grab it before you get on the tube or bus and make sure you bring enough. Don’t go crazy, unless you know the thing you want to buy costs a lot, but it’s always best to carry a bit extra with you. There are a few ATMs at cons, but they sometimes break from all the excitement.



Stay watered

Carry a drink with you at all times. Bring one with you if you can! Buying drinks at the venue can cost an arm and a leg. Conventions halls are hot and sticky: stay hydrated.



Stay fooded

Your body needs food as well as water to function as a human. Bring a packed lunch with you if you can, or pay more for food at the con. Yes it’s pricey, but it’s also very nommy if you buy from a nice stall. Just know that you could be queuing for an hour sometimes.



Have patience

Please don’t get angry at people, just because a queue is taking too long, or someone cancelled a signing at the last minute. Please also be nice to staff. Most of them are volunteers who are doing the best they can to make your day enjoyable. Occasionally things don’t go right at conventions, but don’t march up to someone in a work shirt and have a go at them. I’ve been yelled at before whilst volunteering, for something that was out of my control. Please don’t do it.



Cosplay is not consent

Catcalling, butt pinching or sexual harassment of any kind is NOT ok. Just because someone is wearing a skimpy costume, it doesn’t give you the right to objectify them in any way. This is aimed at men and women, not just men. If you see any form of harassment happen, whether it’s directed at you or you see it happen to someone else, call that crap out. It is NEVER ok to treat someone that way, especially when conventions are meant to be a fun place for people to show off their work. If you see or hear anything, tell someone.



Prepare for much queuing

Bring a travel game with you. Play I Spy or Where’s Wally, but with cosplays. Yes queuing is tiresome, but there’s usually something awesome waiting for you at the front of the queue, so stay calm.

darth disney


Be crafty with your costume

Cosplaying? Have a bag that doesn’t match your cosplay? Get creative! Make a small drawstring bag that you can keep essentials in from the same fabrics as your cosplay! You can attach it to a belt or wear it under a skirt. Wearing a cape? A drawstring bag will fit nicely underneath it, but it won’t be visible in photos!



Be smart with your costume

If you’re planning on wearing that 8ft Hulkbuster costume you whipped up over the summer, think carefully about where you realistically can and can’t go around the con. Maybe in between crowded stalls on a Saturday isn’t the best idea. Keep to wider parts of the floor, in the hallways and outside. Most cosplay shoots take place outside anyway, so sometimes it’s the perfect place to show off your hard work.



Your brain might melt

Conventions are really really fun places with lots of awesome things to see and buy. If you have a nerd meltdown over a figurine you’ve been after for ages or an artist who you’ve been dying to meet, that’s ok. We all go to these things because we all love nerding out over this stuff.





GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

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