Harry Potter Weekend: Day 1: Harry Potter: The Exhibition

It’s been an exciting weekend so far as I’ve been covering all the Harry Potter events that happened this past weekend in New York City. Geek Syndicate was invited along with other media outlets to preview the new Harry Potter: The Exhibition show being hosted at Discovery Times Square as well as the question & answer session at the Apple Store in SoHo.I arrived outside the Discovery Center in Times Square – above the awning is a car that most fans will find familiar:

As soon as you wind your way through the ticketing area and downstairs to the queue for entry, you’ll be asked to pose for a photo which you can buy at the end of the experience (photography is not allowed inside). Didn’t end up picking one up myself – a bit too steep in price. Then you walk through a hallway and come upon a witch in robes standing by the Sorting Hat. One guess as to what you think happens at this point?

After a few folks are Sorted, you’re ushered through to a room with about 8 flat-screens showing a variety of scenes from all the films. It’s a bit mesmerizing to try and take in all the screens so I jumped a little bit when a loud train whistle sounded throughout the room; one of the walls lifts to reveal a replica of the Hogwarts Express – another witch with lantern in hand shows you to the beginning of the exhibit.

I won’t get too detailed with the things I saw as to not ruin the surprise completely, but the artistry and craftsmanship that has gone into not only the costumes and props but the sets is INCREDIBLE. I wish I was a graphic designer working on this series because it would’ve been so much fun to create the books, posters, invitations, howlers…etc that you see on screen.

Another thing I realized is just how small some of the actors are by the size of their costumes – I felt like a bit of a giant and I’m only 5′ 5″! Luna’s normal clothing looked like an outfit a hipster would wear and the Yule Ball dresses had me wishing I could buy these items myself! There’s a lot to take in and it’s a bit slow going as it’s sort of a line that guides through the exhibit (unless you don’t care to see things up close).

At the end of the exhibit, as with many shows of this nature, you’re lead into the shop. Where you will spend copious amounts of cash (oh my poor wallet!) though I wish there were more of the replica items (like the one I bought below) for sale in addition to all the items for the kidlets:

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  1. Saw an advertisement for this in the paper – can’t wait to go. I just went to the Harry Potter world in Universal Studios about 2 months ago and that was really fun!

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