HUGE TV STARS Set to Appear at KAPOW! Comic Con

I’m jealous. I’m SO SO JEALOUS you don’t even know UK people! As you may have heard, this new kid on the con block is shaping up to be a massive success with numerous announcements on panels, Q&A’s, movie screenings etc. And now? They’ve just confirmed a huge a lineup of appearances by some cast members of the best of British TV.

Set to appear:

  • E4 MISFITS & SKINS – SUN, 10 APRIL: 11.45-12.45: Iwan Rheon (Simon), Lauren Socha (Kelly) and Executive Producer Petra Fried for a World Exclusive Misfits Series 3 announcement.  Additionally Skins novelist Jess Brittain, plus actors, Sean Teale (Nick), Jessica Sula (Grace) and Dakota Blue Richards (Franky) will be on hand to answer all your Skins related questions. Plus come to HMV’s Pop-Up shop at Kapow! for an autograph or two.

  • MERLIN – SAT 9TH APRIL 1.30-2.30: Co-Creator and Producer Johnny Capps along with all the star actors Colin Morgan (Merlin), Bradley James (Arthur), Angel Coulby (Gwen) and Katie McGrath (Morgana) from the show are on hand for this hour long Q&A. Series 4 of this well-loved series is currently filming in Wales. Whose autograph do you want?
  • FX UK: FALLING SKIES AND THE WALKING DEAD – SUN 10th APRIL 11.45-12.45:Marc Ollington, Director of Communications at FX UK says that they’re thrilled to premiere Steven Spielberg’s Falling Skies since due to scheduling Dexter and True Blood casts can’t make it. Additionally, Andrew Lincoln kindly pre-recorded a video interview about his lead role in The Walking Dead for Kapow! as he has just started filming Season 2 in the US.
  • BBC THREE: BEING HUMAN: SUN 10TH APRIL 1.00-2.00: Being Human creator Toby Whithouse in an hour-long Q&A on this beloved show. Series 3 is currently available now on DVD, and Series 4 has been commissioned and is in pre-production.

If KAPOW! can keep up this momentum and continue to deliver, it’s set to become one of the UK’s biggest and most popular cons ever – and just may go on my annual con list after San Diego & NY Comic Con’s.

Source: KAPOW!
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  1. Joe /

    OK its 9 days to the show and you say HUGE TV stars!!!!!

    I am fed up of all the hype and butt kiss to Kapow.

    Misfits have done SFX, Merlin havd done MCM Expo 5 times, FX is well in short NOTHING. A chat about the FX shows with a video clip.

    Being Human is Toby who has done SFX and Russell and Sinead were at the MCM run Memorabilia Show last weekend.

    What is this show offering me that I cannot get or have gotten else where except Skins.

    I am surprised you did not add the usual, ticket not available on the door but them now tag line.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Ok Joe, with respect we pimp any and all UK comic/geek conventions as much as we can as we want people to know what’s going on out there in geekdom. We also want to support the UK Con scene as much possible. That’s one of the main purpose of the website. We are sent press releases for events (as was this one) and we put them out there for people to see, this includes all of the conventions you mentioned. This is not going to change any time soon. We give just as much coverage to MCM (actually we probably give more) does that mean we’re butt kissing or just trying to let people know what’s going to be at an event they may want to check out?

      Sharlene who posted the article has never attended any of the conventions you’ve mentioned and I’m sure she is not the only one so for those people this is big news and they are Huge TV stars whether you’ve seen them at one con or a hundred.

      Now I’ve attended all the cons you’ve mentioned and yes those stars have also been at those conventions and I agree that at the moment there’s not a lot to make Kapow unique compared to other cons I’ve attended.

      At the end of the day I will wait and see what the convention is like and then I will comment on what worked and what didn’t work.

    • Joe are you saying that the stars of some of the highest rating shows on British TV aren’t “HUGE”? because i would have to disagree! Who cares that they have been at other cons before! some people can only afford to go to 1 or 2 cons a year and KAPOW! might be the con they choose to go to!

      Accusing this site of butt kissing KAPOW! is just silly! as Barry said we are just reporting geek news! and this KAPOW! news is the big con news today! if Thought Bubble came out in the next hour and announce a big celebrity line up for their November convention it would also be reported on here!

  2. Joe /

    “If KAPOW! can keep up this momentum and continue to deliver, it’s set to become one of the UK’s biggest and most popular cons ever”

    “I agree that at the moment there’s not a lot to make Kapow unique compared to other cons I’ve attended.”

    OK so maybe a little strong, I accept that and am sorry, but the 2 quotes above seem to be at odds.

    • Sharlene M /

      Personally, I’ve not been to UK cons living in the US. In my opinion (and that comment is my opinion only not gospel truth), KAPOW! has a lot of the spotlight right now and I’m excited by the lineup as I love those shows and rarely get an opportunity to hear the casts/shrowrunners of these shows speak or meet & greet.

      This site isn’t only for the seasoned con-goers – wont apologize for my enthusiasm.

      • Joe /

        If you have never been to the UK and never been to a UK Con how can you make the statement

        ““If KAPOW! can keep up this momentum and continue to deliver, it’s set to become one of the UK’s biggest and most popular cons ever”

        Kapow would have to be 6-7 times it size to come close to other UK shows. While I get your intention, I think your making a BIG leap. As Geek Syndicate have even said

        “I agree that at the moment there’s not a lot to make Kapow unique compared to other cons I’ve attended.”

        That is from someone who KNOWS the UK con scene. I like GS am waiting to see if Kapow delivers something new but right now it has ALL been done here before.

        As Tom Cruise said very well “SHOW ME THE MONEY”

      • Sharlene M /

        I may be making a big leap or I may not be – again, we won’t know how it all turns out in the end but big announcements like this can only help bring all the geeks to the yard so to speak.

        There’s plenty of US cons here that have similar panels, cast appearances, etc but people choose to go to some over others for a variety of reasons. If KAPOW! turns out to not deliver in terms of quality during the show, crowd control, security, handling of fans etc then that’s where it would fall short in my experience of going to cons.

        You may not like the way I said something or how I said it, but lots of folks from the site (Barry included) will be there and I’m sure will be posting about their experience, so we’ll see!

  3. Joe is a tool /

    Joe is a tool. Who exactly do you work for? Another sci-fi expo perhaps?

  4. geeksyndicate /

    Ok I’m going to give you one more chance to make some sense before these start to go into the spam folder mate.

  5. Joe is a tool /

    This person Joe is slagging off Kapow and the various TV channels participating. I heard through the grapevine Joe works for another Sci-Fi expo. It’s annoying to read comments from a guy who really has no idea what he is talking about.

    • geeksyndicate /

      ah right thanks for clearing that up…the comments were a bit vague.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Ok now in light of that I would suggest the next comment isn’t titled ‘joe is a tool’ he may or may not work for another expo I don’t know but rather than get into name calling just ask him direct if he does. Just a thought.

  6. JIT /


    Point taken. But it has been confirmed that he does.

    • geeksyndicate /

      ok now that is interesting…where has that been confirmed?

      Joe if you’re seeing this care to admit or deny?

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