Hulk goes on rampage in Worcester

The Incredible Hulk spotted in Worcester, where he smashed the sun roof of a Ford Festia (as Rampages go it was kinda tame). Also  Spotted was Superman and one of the Thunderbirds!

Police are now trying to trace the offender, but believe a number of students may have been out dressed as the Marvel Comic character on Sunday evening.

The Hulk isn’t the only one raging today though.  The owners of the Fiesta are furious.  For starters, they haven’t caught the kid, and now the owner has to cough up some cash just so she can get to work and back.

Bev Churchill, aged 52, said she saw a man dressed as Superman and a Thunderbird earlier in the evening. Mrs Churchill said her daughter had been using the car to get to her new job at the Tudor Grange academy in Bilford Road. She said: “You can understand if they go out, have a drink and pick up a traffic cone on their way home, but this is criminal damage and is totally unacceptable. I’m furious. My daughter now has to save up her wages to buy a new car because of some mindless idiot.”

Erm…. Having your car smashed up is a pretty shitty thing but it’s only a sun roof! so why does she has to save up to buy a whole new car! a trip to a few scrap yards and a few quid thrown at a mechanic will sort it out!

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