Hulk TV Series To Have No Links To The Movies

We were all over the moon when Marvel announce it was working with ABC to bring us a Incredible Hulk TV series. we were even happier when we found out Guillermo del Toro would be the driving force behind the series. everything was looking great.

Then del Toro said audiences shouldn’t expect the TV series to tie in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“We had a long, long talk about that, and we’ve been given license, I mean, I think the comics, y’know Pak’s Hulk is great, and Loeb’s Hulk is great, and there’s so many things in the Hulk universe that are powerful strands of narrative. They know we are being faithful to those strands, and the movies have their own continuity.”

So no cameo’s from the other Avengers then………

Source: Spin Off Online

GS Reporter: Matt

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