Hulk Vs Thor DVD Review


Now I know Hulk Vs Thor comes packaged with Hulk Vs Wolverine  all on a single DVD but I thought I would review them separately.

I don’t want to give too much away other than it involves a bold plan by Thor Half brother Loki to use the Hulk to destroy his brother once and for all. However in unleashing his plan Loki discovers that pissing off the Hulk is never a good plan.

I’ve always been a big fan Thor(hence I watched this before  the Wolverine story) from his first appearance in comics, the cheesy 60’s cartoon seies and his more recent foray into animation with the two Ultimate Avengers DVD’s.

I wasn’t sure how well Thor, Loki, Odin and co and the land of Asgard would work  his but I needn’t have worried.

Given the fact the feature is about fourty minutes Marvel manage to pack in a hell of a lot of story and characterisation. The action and animation is top notch and you really get a sense that the warriors of Asgard  are putting everything on the line to defend their city against hulk.

The title of the DVD lives up to it’s name with some epic set-pieces between the god of Thunder and the green goliath. The dialogue has that old school mythic quality (which I’m glad they didn’t dumb down) with some cracking one liners. When you hear the words “I GIVE YOU THUNDER” you know Thor ain’t playing.

Great music as well from start to finish, something which these recent animated efforts from Marvel have excelled in . My one critism is that unlike the Doctor Strange movie (which I loved) this was not a feature length Thor orgin story. However one of the DVD extras is a look at aThor -Tales of Asgard featuring a young Thor. It looks good but I still would still love to have a seen a feature length animated movie with Thor in his prime than Thorville. If this is a sample of what I can be expected though I will defiantely be checking ou the next Thor DVD.

If your a Thor or Hulk fan you need to check this out. If you just like seeing a cracking animated movie with lost of action then this will also be up your street.

GS rating: 5 out of 5

Dry slaps: 0 out of 5

GS Reviewer: Nuge

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  1. TK /

    The Vs Thor portion is another example of the terrible sense of scale that Marvel continues to entrench regarding Hulk.

    The pathetic fight that Thor put up against Hulk was simply sad. Just like the recent Avengers DvD, once again Hulk is, irrationally “the strongest one there is”. This is especially sad when you compare Thor’s performance against that of Wolverine.

    Thor, God, Defender of Midgard and Asgard, get mashed by what is essentially a green and very fortunate cancer patient. While Wolverine somehow manages match Hulk round after round.

    I hope that Marvel doesn’t make the same mistake with the Thor movie – its sold as an epic intro to another aspect of the Marvel universe, and I hope it lives up to this.

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