Hulu Developing Drama Series Based on 90’s Video Game Myst

If you’re a – shall we say – more mature gamer (like me), you will probably have fond memories of 1993 video game “Myst”. At the time the title was a surprise hit, with immersive gameplay and a beautiful setting. Now it seems Hulu wants to breathe new life into the series, with Legendary Television developing a drama series based on the game.

According to Deadline “Myst” will blend “elements of science fiction and fantasy. It will explore the origins of the island of Myst from the game where a man wakes up on a mystery island with absolutely no idea who he is, where is, or how he got there.”

Penning the script is Evan Daugherty (“Divergent”), with Matt Tolmach (“The Amazing Spider-Man”) set to produce. Who is nervous and / or excited? This could be great, or it could be truly awful. Let’s cross our fingers collectively shall we?

GS Blogger: Nerfenstein

Source: Deadline

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