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One of my favourite things to do when I was a kid was to head to the local library and see what new European graphic novels had arrived. At the time of course, I had no idea they were “European graphic novels”. All I knew is that those big, colourful books with characters like Asterix, Tin Tin, Iznogoud and Lucky Luke were the funniest and most action-packed titles in the whole building! I have always wanted to share my love of these books with my kids – and have been lucky enough to do so thanks again to awesome libraries! They have eagerly devoured all of these titles and are now ready for more. 

Thankfully, publishers like Humanoids Inc are providing more great books for my kids to enjoy, with their launch of a brand new imprint offering graphic novels for children and young adults.  HumanoidsKids will feature some of the best artists and writers in Europe creating tales that can be enjoyed by children (and their “still a bit of a child” parents !).

Their first book is by the legendary Alejandro Jodorowsky – yes, he of Incal and Metabarons fame !! – and regular collaborator Georges Bess. The Magical Twins is the master’s first ever children’s graphic novel, featuring a magical quest which explores the senses and the sensibility of teamwork, duty and honour. The book is a beautiful over-sized hardcover, and I am not surprised the first printing sold out in two weeks ! Don’t worry, though, the second printing will be available in December, just in time for it to be a cool Christmas present for my 8 year-old !

The other initial releases are:

Gregory and the Gargoyles Book 1.   This is the first book in a trilogy about a young and lonely boy’s travels through a long-forgotten world where magic still rules.  Written by Denis-Pierre Fillipi (who previously wrote Muse), this hardback is a great price at £ 10.99. Oh, and it’s out now !!


Halloween Tales, again written by Denis-Pierre Filippi with art by Olivier Boiscommun. A spooky yet sensitive book with three interconnected stories revealing that, on Halloween, it’s always darkest before the dawn. This will be released in September, and I reckon my 4-year old (who is addicted to Halloween and all things spooky cartoons) will insist I read this to him constantly !

I am pretty excited about HumanoidsKids. Their initial offerings look great, and with more to come I can once again spend all my pocket money on comics for kids !

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