Hungerford 2 in Production

Last year we announced that Hungerford, the debut film by the then 19-year old Drew Casson premiered at the 2014 SCI-FI LONDON film festival, and we also reviewed the film. The set up was the now over-familiar found-footage concept with a plot focusing on random acts of violence after a mysterious explosion in the titular town. It is one of the many alternative takes on the zombie movie which are de rigueur over recent times. It starred Casson himself and Georgia Bradley amongst other unknowns, lending a hint of authenticity to the found footage.

You can now download the film as Wildseed Studios announce production of Hungerford 2. Hungerford can be found here:

Jesse Cleverly who co-wrote the original film with Casson: “With Hungerford 2 we have built on the award-winning foundation established in the first film and added a host of new elements to crank things up a notch. In this film, the survivors are joined on their post-apocalyptic road trip by a number of new film debutants, who also happen to be YouTube veterans with 1.5 million subscribers to their channels. We are convinced that the resulting dynamic will introduce the horror/sci-fi genre to a whole new audience – which can only be a good thing for everyone.”

Wildseed Studios believe in nurturing, mentoring and financing new talent in the entertainment industry, which is a philosophy that can only be lauded. They haven’t revealed much about the sequel, other than a familiar character dies.

The co-founder of Wildseed continues, “Hungerford 2 is typical of the next-generation of films we’re investing in – those whose directors operate outside the institutions of the British film industry, and who are utterly fearless and highly proficient with the tools of production and post-production in the pursuit of excitement, scale and massive audiences. Hungerford 2 will not disappoint fans.”

The signs are good for an interesting follow-up, due for release in the last few months of 2015. Watch this space or see below for more news.



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