Hungerford to Premiere at 2014 SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival

19 year-old Drew Carson has been posting films on YouTube since he was 12. Now, his directing and starring debut will premiere at the 2014 SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival. The science-fiction horror film is being shown on 3 May at the London’s National Film Theatre. You can win 2 tickets here:

Hungerford is another entry into the hugely successful found-footage genre. We follow teen protagonist Cowen Rosewell, a media student whose first assignment is to record everything in a week of his life. The strapline is ‘No Matter What Happens, We Film Everything’. This being horror, everything means plenty of violence and gore. Cowen and his friends are witness to seemingly random acts of violence in their hometown. These acts are dismissed as typical of trouble that takes place in any small English town. But then one of Cowen’s best friends is attacked and things take a disturbing turn for the worse.

The trailer is certainly worth a look. There are some genuine creeps to be had, alongside what appears to be the requisite explosion found in every other genre trailer. What the trailer doesn’t reveal is that there is a mystery evil in town controlling the gangs who are, in turn, rounding up the local population. Cowen and his friends hide but are soon discovered. Cowen now needs to make his way to an abandoned factory; maybe to save his friends, maybe to save the world.

Hungerford Film Still 2Drew looks to be a talent worth watching. The trailer looks like it has a decent budget behind it, despite Hungerford’s micro-budget. This might be his debut feature but he has 120 videos, including a tribute to War of The Worlds and web series Divinity to his name.

Wildseed Studios are interested in talent incubation and have an open submission policy. Find out more here. They have produced this debut feature. Jesse Cleverly, co-founder of Wildseed Studios said: “Drew is typical of the next-generation of film makers we’re investing in – a generation who have grown up on genre movies, who operate outside the institutions of the British Film Industry, and who are utterly fearless and highly proficient with the tools of production and post-production in the pursuit of excitement, scale and an audience. We’re thrilled to have produced Hungerford and thanks to the ingenuity of Drew, the crew and excellent special effects this micro-feature achieves a sense of scale more fitting for a film with 100 times the budget.”

Hungerford Film Still 4

Hungerford (78 mins) is at the London Sci-Fi Film Festival at the National Film Theatre on 3 May 2014 at 6pm. Buy tickets here:




Source: Wildseed Studios
Reporter: Ian J Simpson

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