Huntress Cast for ‘Arrow’ TV Series

Arrow has added another superhero to its cast and one I am a bit  happy and a bit disappointed about. Huntress, from the Batman family.

Arrow, due to start in the US on The CW, has announced that there will be a multi-episode arc in the Huntress will appear. has released that Huntress will be played by Jessica De Gouw, an Australian TV actress.

Huntress was introduced into the DC universe in 1947 and has had several of her own comic book series including her own Year One Miniseries.  Arrow will feature the current version of Huntress, Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of a Mafia boss who vows revenge for her murdered family.  In the comics Gotham is her normal stomping ground but it looks like Arrow  will bring her to Oliver Queen’s Starling City.

Here’s the official character description:

“Helena is a potential love interest for Oliver Queen; a fellow vigilante, set on destroying her father’s organized crime empire. But Helena’s blind pursuit of revenge will put her on a collision course with the Arrow.”

As I said at the start I am happy about Huntress being cast as the actress seems to have the right look and it’s good to see that this series is going to have more than just female characters getting into trouble.  However I am disappointed as I did hope we would see Black Canary as Oliver’s love interest.  I guess there’s still time yet.

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  1. The supporting characters of this series do not belong to the Green Arrow world. The Huntress is a Batman character, Deathstroke is a Teen Titans villain… anyway, I like the idea of putting a character in a world which is unusual for him/her, because you don’t know how things will go. For example, if you put the Riddler in a Batman comic, you know that Bruce, with his detective skills, will solve his riddles in a minute… but what about if you make the Riddler interact with a less lucid and patient superhero, like Grifter?
    That’s why the integration of the Wildstorm world into the DC universe has a great potential, in my opinion. The Wildstorm world has a lot of intriguing superheroes and villains who never met the DC ones, so their union is a potential goldmine of brand new stories. At present it’s not working, though: Voodoo closed, Grifter is about to close, and Stormwatch sells quite well, but is boring as all hell. The only DC series expressing the potential I described is Team 7.

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