If Only It Were Real: Green Lantern Trailer

A Green Lantern movie is in the works and due to be released in 2011. Still in way pre-production rumors, theories, and wish lists have been flying on the internets about who should play the main man, Hal Jordan. One awesome dude Jaron Pitts decided that Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) should take up the role, more then that he created one of the most awesome fan made trailers ever! On first glance the trailer fooled a lot of people into thinking it was real but more than that impressed the hell out of anyone who watched it.

I am way excited for the Green Lantern film and to see who will actually get the role. Sadly and awesomely actually I feel like who ever they pick and what ever kind of trailer they release it can’t compare to the awesomeness that was created by this fan.

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