Image Comics Asks: Where Is Jake Ellis?

Nathan Edmondson and Tonci Zonjic, the creators behind Who Is Jake Ellis?, are following up their Eisner-nominated miniseries with its sequel, Where Is Jake Ellis?

Where Is Jake Ellis? delves deeper into the mystery of Jake Ellis and how he became connected to Jon Moore’s consciousness. This second volume picks up a year after the first, with Jon Moore hiding from his past and The Facility. Jon needs to find Jake Ellis to survive, but how does he find the man who only he can see?

Nathan Edmondson is pleased to return to the world of Jake Ellis. “Tonci and I had more story in mind when we conceived Who Is Jake Ellis?, and this is it,” he said. “We’ve grown together as creators,” continued Edmondson. “And we’re more than thrilled to walk Jon Moore and Jake Ellis back into the pages of an Image Comics book and into the hands of readers.”

I’m looking forward to this further exploration of the series and characters, and can’t wait for it to see print.

Source: Image Comics
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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