Image Gets Harvested in August

Who lives? Who dies? On the organ harvesting black market, money answers those questions. From the Shadowline branch of Image Comics, we get a new miniseries Harvest that examines this world. Coming out in August, the new miniseries from Image shows lots of heart.

The story follows Dr. Ben Dane, a man determined to make sure that people don’t live on simply because of their money. We follow Ben, an ex-surgeon formerly involved in the organ trade, as he seeks to right past wrongs, in his own, twisted way. Framed for murder by his former boss, Ben wants to enact revenge by hunting down his previous patients and removing the organs he previously put in them, removing what their money has bought them.

A.J. Lieberman pulls writing duties on Harvest, while Colin Lorimer does some great art, if the teasers are any indication. In addition to Ben Dane, Lieberman has also created some supporting characters, including Mariko, a Yakuza enforcer, and Noah, a six-year old boy who acts as the personification of Ben’s subconscious, according to Lieberman. The characters help keep Ben alive as he struggles through his journey and attempts to do something worthwhile, often screwing things up in the process.

Lorimer seeks to mirror the darkness of the comic’s subject matter in his own art. According to a Comic Book Resources interview, “The story dictates the style. It’s quite a dark tale so I tried to keep it quite muted in tone and in places dirtied up the art to give it a little added texture.” From the teasers, he does this quite well, and the art looks solid.

The first issue is on pre-order now and comes out in August. So, when August rolls around, be on the lookout for the first issue of the miniseries. Be sure to pick it up or you just might get harvested!

Source: Image Comics
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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