Image’s “Enormous” Coming in July
25/05/2012 Comic News

Post apocalyptic scenarios are all the rage these days and Image Comics/Shadowline will be bringing a 64-page graphic novella this July entitled ‘Enormous’, by Tim Daniel and Moroccan artist Mehdi Cheggour (Heavy Metal), to add to the stack.

The story in Enormous, according to Image, takes place in the wake of a “cataclysmic ecological event” which spawns ginormous beasts that overrun the likes of us puny humans and our petty civilisations. With cities in ruins, the survivors are left to scratch out an existence, constantly trying to evade the giant monsters that want human flesh (probably rare but you never know – the giant monsters might like BBQ). Against this backdrop the story will follow the struggles of a young woman who tries to find and save lost children and save them from hungry monsters and other humans.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, the story’s scripted Tim Daniel said: “By the time we enter the world of Enormous, being at the bottom of the food-chain is something humans have experienced for a while. As a result, there is no consensus around how we’re going to survive as a species.

He added: “There are a few human factions, each operating with a fairly distinct agenda, the motivations of which may well be far beyond their understanding. Regardless of what might prove to be the driving force for each character, the law of the land is simple: hunt or be hunted.”

Enormous will be a 64-page saddle-stitched graphic novella in oversized “treasury” format (10 x 13.5″) and will be in your nearest comic book retailer on 5th July. Sounds epic.

Source: Image Comics, Comic Book Resources
Reporter: Dean Simons

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