Images from Batwoman #1

Over at Comic Book Resources they have just released a few images from the upcoming first issue of Batwoman.

The comic is being co-written by J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman and art by Williams and Amy Reeder and these initial images are tasty enough to eat (hmm does that even make sense?). The art alone is going to make me want to check out this comic but also I’m liking some of the ideas behind it.

This is what co-writer J.H. Williams had to say on the plans for Kate Kane aka Batwoman.

“We’re very excited over the things we’ve come up with for Batwoman. Many layers to the story will unfold as the series progresses, and we’ll be going for a genre bending approach to things. We’re starting things off very much in a gothic horror type of story, and this will dovetail into more of a classic spy espionage plot with a touch Tarantino like structure, that in turn dovetails into more of a fantasy epic,” said Williams. “We are also going to be creating a rogues gallery for Batwoman. Right now she really only has Alice and the Religion of Crime. While those elements are great, we feel that Batwoman’s longevity as a strong character will be greatly enhanced by building her a mythos of villains that she can call her own, and we’ve got some very mean gruesome ones on the way. “

This wasn’t on my radar until now but I’ll be checking out issue one when it hits the stands in February.

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Source: Comic Book Resources

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