Indiana Jones Goes Animated in this Great Raiders Parody

indianajonesanimatedThe man in the hat is back and this time he’s animated.

So I had just finished listening to a fantastic dissection of the Raiders of the Lost ark screen play on a screenwriting podcast (cheers for the head up Saxon!…) which left me in desperdate need of an Indiana Jones Fix. As I’m on my lunch break with some time to kill I decided to hit good old youtube to see if I can keep the old Indy fix going by rewatching some old clips. What I found instead was an animated parody of Raiders of the Lost Ark by Mike Reeping which speaking as a huge Indy fan was an absolute joy to watch.

The fact that the trailer for the film has only 978 views and the animated short has less than 4,000 views is a crime, especially as this video has been out for several months now. Yeah the animation may not be as slick as some would like it (I thought it worked really well) you can see in every frame that  this is the very definition of  ‘labour of love’. Reeping knows the film inside and out and knows exactly what scenes to send up but is still able to get across some of the great action set pieces from the film. Also great use of the film’s soundtrack and sound effects.

This only give more weight to my belief that not only would an Indiana Jones animated TV show work in the right hands it would be one hell of a series.

Really hope that a) Mike does more of these and b) he does one that an original story as I think that could be fun.


The Trailer

The Animated film

Reporter: Nuge

Source: youtube

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