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The creation of Fraser Coull & Scott Forrest, BLOODLINE is an ambitious independently produced TV pilot currently shooting in Scotland.

Bloodline” follows The Three, an ancient organisation formed in the 17th century in the Scottish Highlands. When the Campbell clan joined forces with an evil shape shifter, they started releasing powerful creatures to rule the lands. The MacDonalds were met by a mysterious force and the Three were formed – each member of the team were gifted with super strength, agility and mental ability. Using their skills, the Three forced the Campbells into hiding and the creatures were frozen in time, never to be seen again.

Now in 2012, a cute, nervous geek, Emily, accidentally releases an ancient shape shifter, The Tam Lin, into our time, who immediately causes havoc with anyone and everyone it can come into contact with, forcing the current line up of The Three, Markus (Des O’Gorman), Kate (Mhairi Calvey) and Adam (Jamie Forrest) to team up with cage fighter Charles (Mat Robertson) to stop Tam Lin (Craig McEwan) at all costs.

Creator Fraser trained at the BBC before creating a series of web, short and feature films through his own production company, Silly Wee Films.

Recently the Fight rehearsals have started with the team behind Batman Begins epic combat sequences.  Check out the videos now online:

2nd June:

9th June:

For more on this production or to take part in the financing check out the following links:



Source:Silly Wee Films
GS Reporter: Phil Hobden

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