IndieDevKit Available for Self-publishing Developers

What does it take to publish games as an independent developer? Where does one start? IndieDevKit is an affordable online knowledge platform service that allows indie video game developers to purchase guides for independent development, priced between $5-$15. IndieDevKit teaches developers about legal issues, what vendors are available to sell your games, how to budget your projects, and even how to manage your social media presence.

Sample Social Media pages IndieDevKit

If you need someone to talk to one-on-one, there is expert help from the professionals who make up the IndieDevKit team. Expert help is pricier. It’s in the hundreds of dollars for bundles that include expert input. Still, IndieDevKit is affordable for people who don’t cannot afford assistance elsewhere.

IndieDevKit Sample Crowdfunding pages


The founders of IndieDevKit are Leonie Manshanden (owner of SouthPaw Strategy, a business and creative strategies company) and Tim Ponting (games journalist for 25 years; former Activision employee). These two are at least better people to go to for game production than I am, certainly.

IndieDevKit tim ponting IndieDevKit leonie manshanden

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