Inside The Tardis Dress!

Inside-of-the-tardis-dressCosplay can be done gloriously well, or hideously badly- a certain lady by the name of Kirsty Delwig has taken the decidedly unusual step of cosplaying not as a character, but as a console!

Here, in all its neon glory, are the controls of the TARDIS (particularly reminiscent of the version used by the Ninth and Tenth incarnations of the Doctor) as depicted in a dress!

The azure blue lighting is a truly magnificent addition, as is the circuitry worked into a peplum-style flare at the waist!

The fishtail skirt makes this cosplay both feminine and effective- an appropriate finishing touch might have been an eccentric up-do; perhaps adorned with LED-like hairpins? Some brightly coloured iris-enchancing contact lenses (commonly used to imitate Manga and Anime characters) might have been an interesting addition too- especially if they mimicked the luminous colour of the dress!

As far as the outfit itself goes, though, it’s certainly an ensemble the Time Lord himself would approve of- but what do you think? Will the cosplay of inanimate (though vitally important!) objects catch on?


Got any interesting ideas for improvements on Kirsty’s design? Is this the best damn Doctor Who themed cosplay you’ve ever encountered?! Comment at will!

Source: Fashionably Geek
Reporter: The Pythia

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  1. Are you kidding me? this looks too weird

    • pythiasparlour /

      Lol! Well, it is the TARDIS after all Kimberly! If it wasn’t weird, it’d probably be a lousy cosplay! (:p)

  2. Robert Eshero /

    This is actually Christine Miles. The lights underneath are not azure, although I love the description. They are colored by the layers of the translucent skirt. There are over 300 color changing LEDs sewn into the skirt and corset. While walking around she had the LEDs slowly throbbing to emulate the console column. The console itself opens up on each of the six sections to reveal small storage compartments so that Christine didn’t need to carry a purse. The entire outfit is modular. The console is removable, as is the jacket. The skirt and corset are separate pieces, allowing a multitude of combinations with other clothing.

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