Inside Uhura’s Wardobe – Star Trek: Into Style!


The latest incarnation of Nyota Uhura (portrayed marvelously by Zoe Saldana) is a truly revolutionary science fiction heroine: with all the beauty and grace of an intergalactic ballerina (thanks to Zoe’s formal dance training!), an intellect to rival Spock’s, and a willfully ambitious nature (“I’m assigned to The Farragut?!” – Star Trek (2009)) here is a lady that us fangirls can really appreciate and understand!

In honour of her latest Star Trek: Into Darkness, I uncover the fundamental components of what constitutes her supremely gorgeous, sharply sophisticated ensemble! Want to emulate the most stylish communications officer in Star Fleet? Look no further, as I leave no asteroid unturned in my quest to achieve Uhura’s latest look!

It’s no wonder Uhura caught the eye of the swoon-worthy Commander Spock (as depicted by the delightful Zachary Quinto)- her make-up is a seriously striking nod to the 1960s roots of the original series; depicting an Uhura who is quintessentially feminine, but also serious– she’s no damsel in distress! Her almond-shaped eyes are emphasised beautifully by a very feline flick of liquid liner, coupled with some very glamorous false lashes- the elegantly shaped arch of her eyebrows completes the look.


Want a similarly dramatic look? Bobbi Brown stocks cosmetics truly worthy of our 24th Century girl; suitable for women of all colours! Simply apply her Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner with an elegant sweep of the Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush, and you’re good to go! To get that perfect arch (post-threading or tweezing!), use any of her matte Eye Shadows to fill in your brows with the Eye Brow Brush– there’s a ludicrously comprehensive range of colours, so whatever your palette, you’re sure to find a perfect match! For the eyelashes, look no further than Shu Uemura- these slanting eyelashes will give you that elusively seductive feline flair:


Sadly, outside the realm of conventions and cosplay competitions, none of us are getting away with strolling about town in a Star Trek uniform! We can, however, wear a demure bodycon dress that perfectly projects Uhura’s power-driven chic! This dress, designed by REISS, is a fiery Spring-time coral that complements the deep scarlet tones that Nyota generally favours- the bandage-like details on the cap-sleeves give it a futuristic edge. The no-nonsense angles complement curves in a way that retains femininity, but channels sophistication:


Uhura isn’t just an exceptionally adept Xenolinguist: she also knows how to hold her own during a Red Alert, and her phaser certainly isn’t set to stun- Star Trek: Into Darkness makes that abundantly clear! Stiletto heels don’t lend themselves well to maiming wayward Romulans, or tussling with mistrustful Klingons, so pick up a pair of these oozing-with-attitude onyx black wedges instead, available at Kurt Geiger:


All you need now is a wickedly-straight ponytail, and you’re ready to board The Enterprise! Whether you’re preparing for a deep-space date with the dashing Mr. Spock (surely the 24th century’s answer to Mr. Darcy!), or a danger-fraught phaser-battle on an M Class planet, you’ll be doing it in Lieutenant Uhura’s impeccable style. Have an idea for a unique twist on this space-worthy ensemble? Approve of this tribute to the Enterprise’s most verbose vixen? Comment at will!

Reporter: The Pythia

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