Interesting Take on the Shooter Genre: Shootmania Storm (Trailer)

How do I describe this game? Take the laser barrage of the 80’s GI Joe cartoon, mix it with a re-imagining of the suits from Tron, and mix it all with all the futuristic multiplayer first person shooters you can think of. That pretty much describes the in-game trailer you’re about to watch.

If you’ve never heard of this game studio, they create these multiplayer worlds where the focus is on creating crazy maps for fellow gamers to enjoy. Their previous title is Trackmania, a racing title. If you’re a gamer, you probably recognize Ubisoft (Ghost Recon, Far Cry Assassin’s Creed). I suspect that this will be a PC only release and don’t believe that Trackmania made it to consoles either.

Reporter: Vichus

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