Interstellar Transport Company Early Access Release set for 16th August

I’ve long been a fan of the quiet bliss a delivery-based game can bring. Add in tycoon elements and set the whole caboodle in space and I’m more than likely goose-bumping at the prospect. MT Worlds’ Interstellar Transport Company is a PC/Mac/Linux game that urges the player to create a galactic transportation empire, starting from Earth and building their way out into the cosmos. You’ll need to balance the various demands on your business though, from buying new spaceships to creating new trade routes and trade deals, and of course, to defeating the competition, which can be either A.I or online with real people.

Interstellar Transport Company will feature a “scientifically grounded” galaxy generator that procedurally generates the galaxies of the game. You can choose to start in our own familiar Sol system, or even opt to begin somewhere totally fresh, the game lets you decide. Wherever you begin, your goal is to help to colonize the cosmos, and if your business acumen sees you top a few leaderboards along the way, so much the better.

Interstellar Transport Company releases in Steam’s Early Access section on 16th August. Until then, you might like to watch the early access trailer below:

Source: Steam
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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