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In our time doing the podcast we’ve been lucky enough to talk to some pretty cool professional people from the world of Geekdom. So if all your interested in is listening to the interview rather than the whole episode they were on then this is the place for you. We have edited these podcasts so that all you get is 100% interview fun.


Interview with Jonathan Ross

In this special episode join Dave and Barry as they chat with celebrity geek and comics fan Jonathan Ross.

Interview with Nelsan Ellis

We were lucky enough to be invited to attend a round table session with  Nelsan Ellis (aka Lafayette from True Blood).
Interview with James Moran

Join Barry and Dave as they talk to writer James Moran about his 6 part web series, Girl number 9, starring Gareth David-Lloyd, Tracy-Ann Oberman & Joe Absolom.

Interview with Duncan Jones

Dave chats with Duncan Jones, the director of Moon.

Interview with Damian Kindler (2)

Join Barry and Dave as they catch up again with Damian Kindler, the creator and co-writer of the Sci Fi series Sanctuary.

Interview with Julian Jones

In this special episode the guys take a break from the usual ramblings to talk to Julian Jones, one of the creators of the hit BBC series Merlin.

Interview with Neil Gaiman

Dave catches up with Neil Gaiman to chat about Coraline and comics.

Interview with Damian Kindler

In this solo interview Barry chats with Damian Kindler the creator, executive producer, and writer of the TV show Sanctuary.  Damiam  reveals  how Sanctuary came to be, spills some info on season2 and the Sanctuary universe.   Damian also explains why he would rather be writing scripts than novels.  The joys of Twitter and the first ever Sanctuary Con is also discussed.

Interview with Adrian Hodges

We chat with Adrian about how Primeval came to be, how the cast came to together and a look forward at season 3. There’s also talk about his work on the Survivors remake and the two Sally Lockhart stories he adapted for the BBC.

Interview with Amanda Tapping

We find out about the show’s journey, from it’s roots on the internet right up to the first season which has just ended it’s run. There are some behind the scene insights on the cast and the way the show is developed. Amanda reveals what it feels like working on a show that is so heavily reliant on green screen work.

We were also able to tease some hints on what we can expect from the second season of Sanctuary.

Interview with Drew Pearce

We have the first ever podcast interview with Drew Pearce, the writer/ creator of the new superhero sitcom ‘No Heroics’ coming to ITV2. It will be the channel’s first ever original sitcom.

Drew reveals the origin of the show and it’s cast as well as his own comic roots before taking some questions from our forum members.

We also did a email interview with Drew in which he answers some questions not covered by the podcast interview.

Interview with Paul Cornell

Join Geek Syndicate on a epic 90 minute journey through time and space and into the mind of Mr Paul Cornell, writer for Doctor Who, Primeval, Wisdom, Robin Hood, Captain Britain and MI:13 and a host of other projects (some of which may surprise).

Interview with Barry Levine

In this special episode the guys chat with Barry Levine, President of Radical Publishing.
Barry explains how we went from being one the top rock photographers in the world,to being a music supervisor then a producer with a first look deal in the comics-to-film entertainment division of Dark Horse Comics and finally to the formation of Radical Publishing.

Interview with Tony Lee

The first is an interview with the comic legend that is Tony Lee, who has worked on Xmen, The Gloom, Midnight Kiss and the upcoming Doctor Who story ‘The Forgotten’ from IDW.

Interview with Rob Williams

Interview with Rob Williams, writer of the new Dark Horse comic Indiana jones and the Tomb of the Gods.

Interview with James Moran

In this special episode we chatted with James Moran the writer of the movie Severance, the Torchwood episode ‘Sleeper’ and a future and the upcoming Dr Who episode “Pompeii”.

Interview with Emma Vieceli

Join Dave in conversation with Emma Vieceli one of the UK’s rising stars in the world of manga. This was such an enjoyable conversation that it exceeded by far the 20m interview I had planned, which as you will see is not difficult. So join us as we explore the difference and similarities between comics and manga, , music, a touch of gaming and much geekery.

interview with Rich Johnston

In our main feature we chat to the infamous comic gossip columnist Rich Johnston as he takes us on a tour of his local supermarket.

Interview with Howard Webster

The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore stars Colin Salmon (Bond, AVP, Resident Evil, Prime Suspect) and is described as a combination of comic book illustration, with 3D animation, live action photography, newsreel archive and an original music score.

In this special episode Dave (after ditching his co-host) meets up with Howard Webster the driving force behind Jonas Moore.

2nd Interview with James Moran

Once again we are joined by James Moran of Torchwood and now Doctor Who fame. James talks us through some of the finer points of the Doctor who episode he wrote entitled ‘The Fires of Pompeii’ (episode 2 of season 4).

Interview with Matthew Graham

In this special interview the guys chat to Matthew Graham whose projects have included “The Last Train”, “Life on Mars”, “Ashes to Ashes” about his new six part archelogical thriller series “BoneKickers”. Matthew has also written episodes for Spooks and Hustle.

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