INTERVIEW: Grimm’s Russell Hornsby (Hank Griffin)

With season one out now on DVD and season 2 just starting we  managed to grab a quick chat with Grimm star Russell Hornsby who plays Hank Griffin on the show.

GS: Has filming Grimm been a demanding process?

RH: Absolutely. We’ve been shooting for nine or ten months and when filming wraps, we have a month off and then start shooting for another year. It’s a very fast-paced process, a bit like making a movie in eight days. It’s a very quick turnover and very demanding. We shoot a lot of night exteriors so we’re out in the woods a lot and Portland is a lot like London – it rains incessantly so we’re out there battling the elements.

GS: So you’ve had to train hard to keep healthy?

RH: Very much so. I’m going to be 38 next month and so I’ve had to keep the pounds down and train a little bit harder. You’re forced to take care of yourself. It’s literally being out at three in the morning in the middle of nowhere chasing bad guys in the rain and having to deal with it. You have to maintain your health and make sure you get proper rest and vitamins because you can’t take a day off. If you’re sick, it can cause big headaches for the crew.

GS: How have you managed to maintain your focus?

RH: I think of it as like doing a long run of a play, but acting is fun and I love showing up to work every day. You may be sitting around for five hours waiting to get your shot but it’s a great thing to be in front of the camera. I’ve been blessed to work for a long time in this business and I don’t take any of it for granted. I’m very fortunate.

GS: Why do you think audiences have responded so positively to Grimm?

RH: I think the writers have found a creative and intelligent way to retell the Grimm Fairy Tales. I think audiences are gravitating towards the melding of the procedural and the fantastical. In America everyone loves their police dramas and when you add a supernatural spin, it intrigues a lot of people. The whole notion of the Grimm Fairy Tales is a world we don’t know. Everything is distorted quite a bit and the stories are really very dark and not fully what we’ve been brought up to expect or believe.

GS: How has Hank evolved during the show?

RH: He’s started to see more and more of the Grimm world as the show goes on. Whereas before he wasn’t aware of what was going on, he starts to be affected by it. It gives me, as an actor, more to play with and makes Hank more interesting. I can add some je ne sais quoi and bring more flavour to the part. I think there’s plenty of time for him to evolve and to grow. As Hank goes through the rabbit hole and becomes more aware of the other world, he will become more affected and have more things to deal with. It makes it that much more interesting for me as an actor.

Grimm S1 is available on Blu-ray and DVD now from Universal Pictures UK

Reporter: Nuge

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