INTERVIEW: RJ Mitte Gives Us The Goods on Breaking Bad

20130626_191837Breaking Bad had a successful night at The 39th Annual Saturn Awards, picking up three awards from their nominated catagories: Best Television Presentation; Bryan Cranston won for Best Actor in a TV series; Jonathan Banks won for Best Supporting Actor on a Television Series, and with series creator Vince Gilligan getting the Dan Curtis Legacy Award that brings the total to four golden planets for the show.

I was on the red carpet before the show and I was able to pull aside RJ Mitte, who plays Walt Jr. on the critically acclaimed show to talk to him about what the show has meant to him, and of course we discussed what he likes to geek out on. I didn’t ask him for any teasers or major spoilers for the final 8 episodes because literally everybody else did and I could tell he was keeping his lips locked on the topic. Check out the complete interview video below (Note: My apologies for the poor quality of the video. Some quality of the title cards was lost when uploading it to the server):

The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad will air in the US starting August 11th, 2013  with a Netflix release for UK viewers expected to follow soon after (or so I’ve heard). You can catch up with the show (which I highly recommend) on Netflix (US and UK), or buy the DVD’s wherever DVD’s are sold. Well worth the money, I can tell you that.

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Photo Credit: Christi Kassity
Reporter: Christi Kassity

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