INTERVIEW: The Cast & Creators of NBC’s Grimm

I’ll admit that when NBC’s Grimm first aired, I wasn’t sure if it would survive past its first season if only for the reason that it was yet another show based on fairytales – could there be room for more than one? Suffice it to say, Grimm beat its grim odds (had to do it!) and is doing amazingly well in its darker, bloodier second season.

An overarching mythology developing midway last year gave the show the push it needed outside of the “monster of the week” formula that was being followed. I spent some time talking with some of the cast and crew of the show in the press room during San Diego Comic Con and while I had no chapstick for lead David Giuntoli, he was more than happy to chat about what’s been going on this year on the show as were the crew and executive producers Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner.I also went through the awesome Grimm set-up outside the convention center walking through the “woods” and looking through Aunt Marie’s trailer:

Creepin' Through the Grimm Forest Grimm Police Tape
Grimm Diaries Aunt Marie's Trailer from Grimm

Last year was all about Nick finding out he was a Grimm. This time around though, he’s in for a much tougher fight:

Nick Burkhardt has been rewriting his ancestors’ stories one case at a time. However, Nick is slowly learning he can’t rewrite the same happy endings. Sometimes the wrong person spots the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the son isn’t  always the apple of his mother’s eye, and sleeping beauty doesn’t always awaken unscathed…

Reporter: Sharlene Mousfar

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  1. Really liked this!!!

  2. Damn, I love this show, so I wish the audio was clearer. That humble recorder was no match for that madhouse!

    • Sharlene Mousfar /

      Yeah, I tried to improve the audio but that room was so packed & loud, it proved difficult! Same thing happened with Torchwood the year before.

      • I wish they had a better solution for press.Get you in a room, maybe?

      • Sharlene Mousfar /

        Too difficult to do that during Comic Con for the amount of press they have unfortunately 🙁

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