Introducing Angry Robot Clonefiles

As part of Independent Bookseller’s Week, Angry Robot, an award-winning SF and fantasy publisher, has announced that they’ll start giving away the digital version of their books with the purchase of the paperback.

While it’s only currently at Mostly Books of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Angry Robot looks to expand this to other independent bookshops. Starting Wednesday July 4th, the “Angry Robot Clonefiles”, as they’re called, will be given to customers through email.

It’s an exciting venture between the two companies, and was born of a conversation between Angry Robot Sales Manager Roland Briscoe and Mark Thornton of Mostly Books.

Briscoe had this to say: “The Clonefiles programme grew out of a conversation with Mark at Mostly Books about how Indie bookstores could better serve both print book and ebook customers. At Angry Robot we sometimes feel our customers are having to choose between a physical book and an e-format, when what probably suits them best is to have both in the same package. We’ve always been champions of DRM-free ebook publishing and we’re eager to experiment with new business and distribution models. This is a natural extension of our customer-first ethos and a great way for Angry Robot to show our support for the UK’s fantastic independent bookshop scene.”

This is a great leap forward for book publishers, as they’re now trying to market to both the physical and digital crowds all at once. It’s also a great deal for the consumer, as they get two copies of the book for one price. As digital books continue to grow in popularity, I expect more and more publishers to start doing things such as this.

So on July 4th, be sure to pick up some Angry Robot books and support the independents!

Source: Angry Robot
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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