Investors Think Nintendo Should be Developing for Phones

…..and i agree!

At the moment if you want to play Nintendo games on your iPhone you need to pay for a cheep knock of or fiddle about with emulators and illegal downloads. However Nintendo’s money men feel that the real money in the industry is in Smartphones like the iPhone and you can’t blame them after poor sales of the 3DS.

Masamitsu Ohki, fund manager at Tokyo-based Stats Investment Management Co said:

“Smartphones are the new battlefield for the gaming industry, Nintendo should either buy its way into this platform or develop something totally new.”

What he says makes sense, earlier in the year rumors surfaced that a Pokémon game was on it’s way to the iPhone and Nintendo’s shares went through the roof. when i was reveled that the rumors were false the shares prices dropped right back down. Unfortunately for the investors Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said that he will only make titles for Nintendo’s own products for as long as he is in charge.

I’m with the investors on the one! Pretty much everyone has a smartphone of some description which means that Nintendo have a whole market place just waiting! Just imagine if they released Super Smash Bros for the iPhone or a classic Mario collection of all the Mario games? They would be rolling in gold coins before you could say “The Princess is in another Castle”.

Source: Game Pro

GS Reporter: Matt


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