Invincible #80 – Review

DINOSAURUS returns! Hellbent on righting what he sees as wrong in the world he comes face-to-face with Invincible and the result is devastating.

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Ryan Ottley


The Viltrumite War is over and Invincible is back on earth and trying to adjust to life after year off in space fighting for his life. After getting a bomb shell from girlfriend Atom Eve and the heart to heart discussion that followed last issue Mark is hit by yet another explosion in his life when his Mom throws him through a loop with her news (can’t reveal anything because i know lots of you are reading the trades)

This issue is all about Mark reconnecting with his “normal” life after everything that has happened in the last year. he goes to see his friends and learns something he wasn’t expecting, he fights some crime and helps a villain turn his life around and of course as a geek one of his stops is to the comic shop to pick up his comics for the last year where he discovers what has happened to the industry in his absence…..

I guess he isn’t a DCnU fan.

The end of the issue has mark Battling Dinosaurus in Las Vegas and something incredible happens that will effect Invincible and his world for a long time to come.

The art by Ryan Ottley is, as always, exceptional. his action scenes are well choreographer and his slower moments are full of comedy, emotion, pain or what ever other emotion this master is trying to portray in his art.


Excellent story telling from Kirkman and Awesome art from Ottley make this a great single issue of Invincible. The ending alone makes this a great issue.

I’m going to give Invincible #80 4.5 out of 5 it’s a solid issue but if you are new to invincible you’d be better off starting 2 issues back, or better yet going out and buying the first trade and starting from there.

GS Reviewer: Matt

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