iOS and Android Versions of Batman: Arkham Origins Announced

Batman Arkham OriginsLater this month (annoyingly just at the end of my week off work), 25th October, sees the release of Batman: Arkham Origins. In conjunction with the console title and handheld “Blackgate” game, Warner Bros have announced Batman: Arkham Origins for iOS and Android devices. Again, no news of a Windows 8 version … This title differs from the others in style. To find out how it differs, and to see the trailer, click below.

The iOS and Android version of Batman: Arkham Origins is a touch controlled beat-em up, meaning some quite cool looking combos can be activated by manipulating the screen in various ways. Check out the trailer below.

Apparantly, the game will enable unlocks in the console version as well. Any of you lot planning on picking up these versions? I’m sure I would … if it was released for Windows tablets…

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Reporter: WedgeDoc

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