Iron Man #2 Cover Unveiled!

The cover for the Marvel NOW! Iron Man #2 cover has been unveiled and boy is it a beauty. Get a look up at the cover up close and personal when it comes out in November.

With all new armor, an all new direction and all new threats Iron Man NOW! promises to bring us a new take on Tony Stark from the great team of Kieron Gillen and Greg Land. When the techno-organic Extremis virus is stolen, Tony must think fast and build faster in order to stop it from falling into the wrong hands. When Iron Man #2 hits stands, Tony will be taken to the island of New Camelot where a high-tech brotherhood known as The Circle may prove more than a match for Iron Man!

Iron Man #2, like all issues of Iron Man, will come with a free digital copy and special augmented reality features available through the Marvel AR app, adding even more bang for your buck.

After the recent buzz around Iron Man, I think this is one series that I’ll be looking forward to that comes out of Marvel NOW!

Source: Marvel

GS Reporter: Leo Johnson


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  1. He’s got a shield?

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