Iron Man 3: Good News & Bad News

Greetings all Montoya here.

A while ago I posted a story about the new director of Iron Man 3 being Shane Black.

This was really good news all round because Black is a great writer. Ain’t  It Cool got a update where Black says that he is looking at the next film to be more real world and will not have any other Marvel cameo’s.


Half of me is really please by this news as I think Iron Man should have more real world villains but I am really enjoying the crossover’s between the various franchises and to hear there will not be any more is not great.

Shane if you are listening, this is not what the fans want. We enjoy the fanboy cameos and crossovers however small they be so please for the love of Odin put some in even if it is a article about Ultron being made in a newspaper.

Do you all agree with me? Let us know.

SOURCE: Ain’t It Cool
GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. I’m all for the crossovers – you don’t make Iron man’s universe by saying it’s ours with one bloke in a suit. You make it beleiveable by establishing superhumans are part of that reality. You always do both – have superpowered villans but give them realword criminal or political motivation.

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