Irritating Archery – Prelude to New Beginnings


With the welcome addition of having time returning to me it’s finally time that I will be able to get back to regular writing.  To celebrate this fact I come bearing the gift of a supremely kick ass header image brought to you by one of the most creative Welshies I know in Mikey Turvey.  I wanted to bring back the column and he needed money.  Thus a mutual agreement was forged.  I gave him money and he drew me as a Green Lantern fighting the rabid raging murderkitty Dex-Starr in front of the Great Lord Mogo Himself.  Simply a stunningly great job especially since I gave him the worst design layout in existence to work from.

Click your way inside to see more of the art stages and get a quick preview of what’s to come.


Yeah.  He took my inability to do anything properly and made it spectacularly awesome.  I was shocked when I got the B&W in my e-mail asking me if I thought it was ok to start inking and coloring it.


I could not be happier with finally having something to make the return far more aesthetically pleasing than it was before.

I’ve also taken the time to work out a more organized and consistent format making it so you the (3 or 4) readers will know exactly what you will get with every new column rather than the slapdash train of thought experiment it was before.  Every other week is going to be dedicated to once again rewriting raging fanboy madness into something sane and the other weeks will be filled with a topical discussion of something I consider important in both comics and gaming alternating between the 2 subjects on those opposite weeks.  Also changing is the end portion which is being streamlined into single suggestions for the coming weeks purchase as well as one review of what is the best COMPLETE nerd experience.  No partially finished games, no mid story arc single issues, just complete experiences that I would recommend to anyone.

Best of the Week – Metal Gear Solid 4

With my purchase of a pretty new Playstation 3 I finally joined the ranks of people with every console available right now and I was finally able to sit down to play what I expected to be an overrated mess of a game.  Instead I got one of the most epic movies I’ve seen in a long time interspersed with this crazy DVD menu that felt like I was playing a really good game.  All joking aside the game is absolutely brilliant.  I don’t even have to disregard the idiotic fourth wall breaking idiocy when they keep discussing the PS3 and Blu-Ray disks and poo jokes.  Simply a stunning conclusion to what has been a great series and now I really am looking forward to Metal Gear Rising as suddenly Raiden is a completely badass and awesome character.

Recommendation of the Week : BRUTAL LEGEND!

I should not have to explain why.  A convergence of multiple game styles combine to make the most epically metal gaming experience of the year…Until Borderlands.  I haven’t looks forward to a game coming out like this (Other than Borderlands) in a long time.  The next few weeks are going to be exciting but I would put my full recommendation behind anything created by the mighty Tim.  Go snag it next week.  An while you are there grab yourself a copy of Psychonauts.

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