Is a 3 Hr Directors Cut of ‘The Avengers’ Worth It?

The possibility of a new cut of the Avengers movie (Avengers Assemble for the British amongst you) being released in August this year with an extra 35 minutes of footage.  We know the second post-credits scene didn’t make it into the first release of the film in the UK but is there 35 minutes for worthwhile footage to justify a re-release of a film still playing in cinemas as we speak?

Sources claim that Disney would be behind the move in a bid to promote the BluRay release in August and it’s certainly a possibility. Disney have the financial chops to make it happen and with the Avengers currently 3rd for ALL TIME to domestic grosses, it would certainly be a boon to push that to the number 1 spot, especially considering the upcoming Nolan juggernaut of The Dark Knight Returns.

All-time top domestic grosses as of June 11 (in millions):

  • $760.5 – Avatar
  • $658.6 – Titanic
  • $573.7 – The Avengers
  • $533.3 – The Dark Knight
  • $474.5 – The Phantom Menace

Comic fans love their movies and seeing more of possibly the greatest comic film of all time would be a mouth-watering prospect. But would there really be a point to the re-release? Anyone who wanted to see the film has seen it, told their friends/family/colleagues/random strangers to see it and they would have gone to see it.

I’ll lay it out there, I LOVED this film.  From Loki’s wickedness, Black Widow’s sexy deceptions and Mark Ruffalo’s film stealing Banner/Hulk to Chris Evans’ amusing & authoritative Captain America and Robert Downey’s Jr career making role as Iron Man. Plus glorious easter eggs aka sequel teaser in mid credits.

This film had so much expectation, so much to prove and did so in spades.  However I do feel this move would be a clear money grabber and Marvel’s ultimate two-fingered salute (one finger for Americans) to DC.  It wouldn’t be for the fans and it wouldn’t be to get new fans either. New fans came with the film already in the several months its been playing. If they wanted people to see the film for the films sake, then they could release the 3 hour version as the one we have all seen in the cinema back in April.  Generally deleted scenes are deleted for a good reason so if it was simple padding I’d be exceedingly disappointed and the fans wouldn’t be happy either and that could lead to a backlash of bad publicity – something Disney and Marvel do not want to attract but are capable of taking.

I can certainly see Marvel going for this although I am not sure Joss Whedon would.  As a Buffy/Angel/Serenity/Firefly fan, I have watched and listened to Whedon a number of times over the years and he always strikes me as a genuine fan of the genre he works in. And not just that but a fan’s fan – a guy who understands the love for the genre and respects it.  He has certainly had experience in studio interference before and it would surprise me he would back this move.   There has been no comment from Whedon about the idea which I think is very telling and he wasn’t shy about talking up the Avengers pre-release.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t release the film again so soon.  I’d keep the material for the BluRay which will not doubt sell in record numbers also and then if you are that keen on the idea then maybe release it before Avengers 2.  That would be understandable and fair. As for this? Captain America certainly wouldn’t approve.

Reporter: Steven Stone

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