Is Elijah Wood to Return as Frodo Baggins in ‘The Hobbit’ ?

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Well blimey this is one piece of news I did not see coming. Despite the fact the Frodo Baggins character is not in the Hobbit apparently Elijah Wood is in negotiations to return as the heroic little Hobbit (though come on we all know Sam was the real hero right…can I get an Amen?) in the big screen adaptation of The Hobbit.

Whether this will turn out to be goblin nonsense remains to be seen but if it does I’m sure there are a few Hobbit purists who won’t be too happy. Personally giving how much trouble it’s been to get the film made I just want to see them start shooting the bloody thing.

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  1. Dion /

    He wasn’t born at the time of the story. My bet is he’ll be a framing device or narrator. Sam is a better fit for that role though, to my mind, as Bilbo’s books (as well as Frodo’s) were left to him. Makes more sense too if he were reading them to his kids – thereby explaining the more childish elements of the story as being a part of how the ‘real’ story is interpreted to the hobbit children in the way all parents do. Like Barry I’ll just be happy to see the damn things on the screen. After Lord of the Rings I have every faith that Jackson will not only do the story justice but fit it into the whole tale in a way that doesn’t mar either story by comparison.

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