Is Intelligence the New Chuck or Mission Impossible?

I love spy shows and ones that use future technology in a fun way. This new show Intelligence looks to embrace all of this.

Intelligence will air early next year and the cast include Josh Holloway as Gabriel Black, ex Delta Force and CIA agent, who has a chip in his brain that gives him access to the entire internet and various security systems. Meghan Ory plays Riley O’Neil a Secret Service agent assigned to help Gabriel on his missions. Marg Helgenberger plays their boss Lillian and together they make up the core team in Intelligence.

A good cast and a good premise, not an original one but a good one no less.

Josh Holloway had this to say about the role.

“I grew up wanting to be James Bond or a Mission: Impossible agent,” he told E! Online. “I was like… this is a no-brainer.

“Also, it’s just a skill set I haven’t gotten to use a lot – I’ve done martial arts for years and I have a good bit of experience with weapons and so forth. It just naturally attracted me and I thought the script was really smart and current.”

See this first clip and behind the scenes from the show.

Source: Digital Spy
Reporter: Montoya

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