Is Raiders of the Lost Ark Coming to IMAX?

I bloody well hope so!

The rumor doing the rounds on the net at the moment is that to celebrate the launch of the Blu-Ray for the four films featuring everyone’s fave Archaeologist Paramount will be giving Raiders of the Lost Ark an IMAX release. A tweet from the guys at Latino Review is what started the gossip mongers going.

Tomorrow Paramount is going to announce that Raiders Of The Lost Ark will be getting a re-release in the IMAX format.

Now if this is true this will be one of the best pieces of news I’ve reported on since we started this website (yes I’m a fan…did you not know that?). All I can hope is that the IMAX release, if it happens, won’t just be for the US and that Paramount realises that we have IMAX here in the good old U of K.

To see the man in the hat back on the big screen for one more time would be a dream come true for this geek.

Source:Latino Review
GS Reporter: Nuge

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