Is Riddick going to be The Vision in Avengers 2?

It seems that either Vin Diesel is having a laugh or campaigning or is about to announce something big. Check out the news below and then start to wonder if The Scarlett Witch is also being cast.

The fast and Furious actor has been busy posting pictures of the Marvel character The Vision on his Facebook page. Now I like the The Vision and would love to see this on the screen and there were those rumours of Agent Coulson becoming the hero but this news has me split. On one hand I think it would be cool to see Coulson as The Vision but on the other I would love to see what Vin could do with it.

In what seems more likely to be a campaign to appear in Joss Whedon’s follow-up, the actor added several Vision images (one is featured below) – but later removed a picture showing just his eyes that was captioned ‘true Vision.’

Vision joined the Avengers comic book roster in 1968 and is an android with human brain patterns. He can fire energy from his eyes and manipulate his density to achieve a diamond-hard strength and invulnerability or a ghostly intangibility that also allows flight.

There had been rumours that Agent Coulson from the Avengers movie would become the Vision. Gossip surrounding secret scenes that were supposedly filmed suggested the consciousness of the dead agent would be transferred into a synthetic human body.

Source: The Geek Files
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