I’ve been wondering when someone would bring out a game about giant truck driving chickens!

If you, like me, have just been desperately waiting for a game about giant truck driving chickens to be released, then you are in luck. Social Loner Studios are soon to release their totally mental “Bird Assassin” game on the XBox 360. It will soon be available in the Indie Games channel for 80 Microsoft points.

So what’s the game about? Well some birds kill your father, which makes you then go on a murderous rampage. You vow to avenge your father’s death, and go around killing lots of…well…birds! OK, I know it sounds mental (and in fact the developers would be the first to agree with you), some choice quotes from the company:

“When chickens steal your truck and try to run the player over, my first thought was ‘What the hell are we doing?  Are we actually doing this?’.”  said Brian Anderson, lead game designer at Social Loner Studios.

“I’m tired of drawing dead birds!”  said Kenneth Anderson, lead artist/designer.

“This game is stupid!!!” said Joshua Leung, lead sound engineer.

However, after looking at the video clips, I think that it looks like a heck of a lot of fun. The gameplay looks intense, and the comic style graphics look nice. I can’t help but think it will be a great game, and I sure hope it does well!

The release date for Bird Assassin is still to be confirmed.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! The game is out now!!! Come on by and check it out. For only 80 points, you can’t go wrong.

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